Check out what BB is doing now!

Posted on: May 24, 2012

Within the last month, Baby Bit (BB) has reached a new milestone and is now interacting with guests in Dolphins Plus’ structured swim!!!  With the guidance of her mother, Ding, and some determination, Baby Bit is now participating in behaviors such as moving rubs and bows. BB is learning a vast amount at this stage in her life and seems to accomplish new tasks via a combination of observational learning, watching the other youngsters perform behaviors with guests in her lagoon, as well as behavior shaping from her trainers. Her trainers feel BB’s tenacious personality contributes to her newfound excitement regarding Dolphins Plus’ structured swim behaviors.  Here she can be seen participating in one of her first ever moving rubs. Swim with BB at Dolphins Plus today! She may perform a behavior with you for the very first time!