Earth Day Canal Clean Up.

Posted on: May 13, 2013

On April 22nd, Earth Day, the Dolphins Plus and Dolphin Cove animal care interns participated in a conservation effort known as “canal clean up”.  Both Dolphins Plus and Dolphin Cove facilities reside on natural saltwater systems, (the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Bay), which provide water to our facilities, as well as an ecosystem for local flora and fauna. On Earth Day, interns and staff, alike, snorkeled the Dolphins Plus canal collecting marine debris, garbage and fishing line. Of the many anthropogenic threats to wildlife, entanglement in fishing gear and marine debris is one of the most common. Many species of wildlife in the Florida Keys strand or die as a result of entanglement, such as: birds, fish, sharks and dolphins. Cleaning up a small area makes a big impact on our environment! Dolphins Plus and Dolphin Cove encourage you to do your part and support your local marine environment by picking up trash whenever possible!