IMATA Presentation a Success

Posted on: December 15, 2008

Two Dolphins Plus animal care staff, Sarah Sayre, senior trainer, and Marylou Wright, supervisor, presented their joint paper, “Disabled But Not Discounted: A Case Study of two Tursiops Truncates”, at the 36th annual International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association Conference in Cancun, Mexico, November 9th- 15th, 2008. “Disabled But Not Discounted: A Case Study of two Tursiops truncates” focuses on training disabled animals to participate in interactive educational programs. The presentation and paper focused on two Dolphins Plus residents, “Jessica” and “Castaway”, who with innovative and consistent training have overcome their respective disabilities to become productive members of the Dolphins Plus population.

Jenna Rouse, internship coordinator for Dolphin Cove, Dolphin’s Plus’ sister facility also attended the conference. The two facilities co-hosting a booth at the conference career fair. This was the first time the two facilities have been represented at the career fair.

Download and read the breif here: Disabled but Not Discounted Brief

Download and read the full document: Disabled but Not Discounted Full Documents