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Working as a Marine Mammal Trainer at Dolphins Plus involves more than training dolphins and educating the public.  We are acquiring valuable knowledge about dolphin behavior and how they perceive their world.  The dedicated animal care staff at Dolphins Plus participates in daily assessments of animal behavior as part of ongoing research projects.  Do you want to know more about dolphin behavior and gain hands on marine mammal research experience?  Then, the Dolphins Plus “Marine Biologist for a Day” is the program for you!

Start off with some detailed insight into dolphin behavior from one of our trainers and then begin a longitudinal study of mother-calf interactions with our spunky, new calf!  The data you gather will be shared with the scientific community conducting vital research on the maternal and paternal care of marine mammals.  During the study, you’ll learn about various sampling techniques and how to effectively acquire scientific data.  Most importantly, you’ll learn how to interpret dolphin behavior by watching the new calf interact with her parents.

Oh, your day isn’t done yet! Next up, you’ll help prepare the fish and vitamin regimens for our dolphins.  As part of this uniquely holistic program, you’ll learn about marine mammal care and the things our trainers and vets do to ensure the physical and psychological wellbeing of our beloved animals.

There are several ongoing research projects at Dolphins Plus, including the assessment of higher cognitive abilities in our dolphins. This research will one day contribute to a greater understanding of dolphin intelligence and cognitive functioning. During the afternoon, you’ll learn about these groundbreaking studies and develop your own independent research project. Plus, you’ll participate in a private natural swim with our dolphins (including in-water data collection!), and, afterwards, receive a one-on-one career guidance session with a staff scientist.

There’s another part of our job that we’re very serious about - having fun with the animals!  So, during mid-day feeding, you’ll enjoy some playtime with the dolphins from their floating docks, doing belly rubs, kisses, and acquiring an 8×10 photo to commemorate your day as a Marine Biologist. 


Duration: 1 full day (9:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)

MARINE BIOLOGIST FOR A DAY (Dolphins Plus Oceanside)

Cost: $630

Observer for the Day: $100

Age Limit: 7 years

Interactions Included: Structured Swim and Guided Natural Swim

Receive: Book, Tee Shirt, and 8x10 photo



9:15 am

Arrive at Dolphins Plus Oceanside, Check-In

9:30 am

Structured Swim Briefing

10:00 am

Structured Swim

10:45 am

Behavioral Research: Mother/Calf Ethogram (Experiential Learning Exercise)

11:30 am

Off Campus Lunch

1:00 pm

Marine Mammal Experience

1:30 pm

Acoustic (Communication) Research Collection: Mother/Calf Communication (Experiential Learning Exercise)


Cognition Research: Cognitive based task learning (e.g. creative behavior, cooperation, mimicry) (Experiential Learning Exercise), Education/Career Guidance

2:30 pm

Private Natural Swim with Underwater Data Collection

3:15 pm

Questions/End of the Day: Choose 8x10 Photo/Book/Tee-Shirt

*Tentative daily schedule, times, and activities are subject to change to accommodate the wants and needs of our guests

Students will NOT be allowed to participate in our program without a signed release from a parent or legal guardian (age 18 and above). Please read our cancellation policy thoroughly BEFORE booking.

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If you have questions, please email or call us:

Phone: (305) 451-1993
Toll-free (866) 860-SWIM (7946)

We look forward to seeing you!

5 stars
Participating in the Marine Biologist for a Day was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I plan on pursuing something in the field of Marine Biology in college. This truly changed my life. Thank you.
Greg B.