Guided Natural Dolphin Swim

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Guided by one of our marine mammal trainers, guests are led on a snorkeling experience of a lifetime, where the goal is to observe and learn more about the dolphins’ natural behavior. Guests are encouraged and shown how to simulate dolphin body language with parallel swimming and diving underwater. Participants in this program enjoy the unique experience of becoming a member of a dolphin pod, while observing the dolphins’ natural grace, beauty, and curiosity. Guests may observe natural behaviors such as nursing, vocalizations, hunting/fishing, and diverse social interactions within the pod.

During an educational briefing preceding the swim, guests will learn about a variety of marine mammal topics such as dolphin anatomy, reproductive biology, intelligence and communication, echolocation, and marine mammal conservation. Swimmers will also receive guidelines on how to conduct themselves in the water, as well as suggestions to stimulate dolphin curiosity. Due to the naturalistic feel of this swim, participants are asked not to reach out to touch the dolphins in this program. If you are interested in touching a dolphin, try one of our many other encounters! Guests are in the water for 20 minutes and prior snorkeling experience is recommended, but not required. While in the water, mask and fins are required, however the snorkel is optional. If you are looking for an unusual dolphin experience, sign up for Dolphins Plus’ Guided Dolphin Swim and snorkel with our dolphins!

4 stars
We did the structured swim and absolutely loved it. Our kids have a completely new respect for animals and the environment. Thank you..
Lindsay B.