Guest Survey

As a tourist-based business, Dolphins Plus strives to provide the best guest services possible. Please complete this guest survey and let us know how we are doing in the below departments. Many of your suggestions help Dolphins Plus improve the guest’s experience. We appreciate constructive criticism as well as positive feedback! Thank you for taking the time to provide us with more information.

Please complete the following information (do not leave any questions blank)

Swim Date

Reservations & Gift Shop
Was the reservation specialist who answered your phone call knowledgeable, personable and welcoming?
Was the tone of the reservation specialist pleasant, patient and cheerful?
Did we make a good first impression?
Did we explain all the program options to you? Structured, natural, shallow water (Dolphin Cove), photo, educational programs
Did the reservation specialist answer your questions thoroughly and to your satisfaction?
Please rate the overall quality of your first contact with us
Upon Arrival
Were you greeted right away?
Were your questions answered to your satisfaction?
Were we available to assist you when needed?
Did we offer the photo shoots to you as an option?
Did the gift shop merchandise meet your needs?
Did you find what you were looking for?
Please rate the overall quality of your check in procedure?
Animal Care Staff/Briefing
Were you greeted by a friendly and upbeat briefer?
Was the briefing easy to hear and understand?
Was our briefing informative and interesting?
Was your briefer helpful and friendly during the time you spent with him/her?
Did you walk away from the briefing with a greater understanding of marine mammals? Environmental issues?
Were your questions answered thoroughly and to your satisfaction?
Please rate the overall quality of the educational briefing?
Animal Care Staff/Program
Did the animal handler take the time to get to know your name?
Was she/he attentive, helpful, upbeat and patient during your encounter?
Was she/he courteous, professional, and patient to you and the other trainers throughout the swim?
Was our animal care staff available to you after your encounter?
Were all of your questions answered thoroughly and to your satisfaction?
Did you learn information about marine mammals that you did not know prior to this experience?
Do you feel experiential learning programs assist in developing greater knowledge about marine mammals and their conservation?
Please rate the overall quality of the time you spent with your Animal Handler?
Photo Department
Was a photographer introduced to you before you started your swim?
Was she/he attentive, helpful, and upbeat during your time together?
Did your photographer offer to show you the photographs of your swim?
Did a photographer make you aware of all the photo possibilities (photo cd, mug,Etc...)?
Please rate the overall quality of the time you spent with your photographer?
Overall Impressions
Have you experienced a dolphin interaction prior to this one?
Please rate the overall cleanliness of your facility (gift shop, bathrooms, briefing area, etc)
Did we meet your overall expectations?
Please rate your overall experience at Dolphins Plus
Would you come back again?