Research Internship

Dolphins Plus offers a unique opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, interested in actively participating in cutting edge research in the marine mammalogy field. Areas of discipline include, but are not limited to, husbandry, marine mammal social and physiological development, social dynamics, acoustics, applied behavior analysis, clinical studies, education, and conservation. The Dolphins Plus Research Internship provides participants with the experience needed to pursue careers in behavioral and managed care science through exposure to ongoing research and the acquisition of a more thorough understanding of the scientific process.

Internship Duties/Goals
  • Participate in a comprehensive lecture series and complete relevant exams to evaluate progress
  • Gain a preliminary understanding of dolphin behavior
  • Learn how to systematically and objectively examine animal behavior
  • Acquire a strong theoretical and practical foundation in marine mammal research and assessment methodologies
  • Develop public speaking skills through peer and guest education
  • Assist with data collection, data entry, the collection of video and acoustic recordings, data analysis, and animal observations and monitoring
  • Conduct approved, observational (i.e. noninvasive), independent research projects that contribute to a greater understanding of animal behavior, communication, learning, development, conservation, and management
  • Conduct statistical analyses
  • Develop a strong working knowledge of supportive and research software (e.g. SPSS, Raven, End Note)
  • Produce thorough literature reviews of relevant topics, while maintaining and expanding upon the Dolphin Plus library
  • Participate in daily facility operations

Priority will be given to candidates with a strong quantitative background and the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work. The goal of the Research Internship program is to publish the results of ongoing and independent projects in peer-reviewed journals and to participate in national and international conferences (see Research Contract/Policies).

It may be possible to acquire academic credit from your hosting university for the Dolphins Plus Internship. However, these opportunities and conditions vary among colleges and universities, and students are responsible for making these arrangements and clarifying the conditions for the receipt of academic credit PRIOR to arriving on-site. Our research staff will communicate with your professors as needed and will act as on-site advisors for the duration of your internship.

Application - Required Documents
  1. Completed application
  2. Current school transcripts
  3. Resume
  4. Recent photograph
  5. Two letters of recommendation (must be sent directly from your referees to Dolphins Plus; see application form for additional details)
  6. $25 application fee (personal check, money order, credit card, or cashier’s check)
Mail Documents To

Dolphins Plus
Attn: Research Internship Program Coordinator
31 Corrine Place
Key Largo, Florida 33037