Veterinary Internship

Dolphins Plus internship program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates and graduate students interested in obtaining practical experience in the marine mammal veterinary field. Working individually and in teams alongside our on-site veterinary and animal care teams, interns assist with maintaining the health of our resident bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) through preventive medicine. From observing daily rounds and physical exams, to practicing laboratory techniques and diagnostic sampling, to keeping records and analyzing data, interns enjoy a truly immersive educational curriculum that creates a valuable foundation for a career in aquatic veterinary care.

We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated and show strong interest in the veterinary field. All competitive applications will be considered. No internship experience is required to apply; however, priority will be given to veterinary students and undergraduates in their 3rd or 4th year. The goal of Dolphins Plus Veterinary Internship is to expose participants to the marine mammal medicine field by offering a hands-on learning experience. Our three-month internship also introduces young professionals to the privileges and responsibilities of working alongside our resident population of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), as well as the important research and education opportunities made possible by zoos and aquariums.

Internship Duties/Goals

*Assist veterinary staff with daily operations including, but not limited, to:

  • Laboratory Procedures
  •  Laboratory Cleaning and Maintenance
  •  Diagnostic Sampling
  •  Processing Samples
  • Medical Procedures
  • Data Collection, Entry and Analysis to Support Ongoing Research Projects


*Participate in a comprehensive lecture series and complete relevant exams.

*Receive constructive feedback through informal and formal evaluations.

*Earn interactive experiences as incentives for successful completion of goals and checkpoints.


**For more information, please view Dolphins Plus Internship FAQs or email the intern coordinator at

Application - Required Documents

1) Completed Application

2) Cover Letter

3) Resume/CV

4) Current College/University Transcripts

5) Recent Photograph

6) Two Letters of Recommendation

  • Preferably mailed with application packet (sealed with references signature over seal), but may also be emailed directly from reference to
Mail Documents To

Please mail all above documents, together in one packet, before the application deadline to:

Dolphins Plus Inc.

Attn: Veterinary Intern Coordinator

101900 Overseas Highway

Key Largo, FL 33037

I've learned more than I ever could have imagined about marine mammal medicine and veterinary medicine in general from this internship! I was provided the opportunity to learn how to run blood work, obtain gastric, urine and fecal samples. I assisted in ultrasonography and endoscopy. Observing the diagnostic and treatment processes involved in marine mammal care has taught me more than I ever could have asked for and made me ready and eager to enter vet school!
Mary Kaufman, Veterinary Intern (Summer 2015)