Dolphin Encounters In Key Largo

Dolphins Plus offers a variety of dolphin encounters, including Shallow Water Encounter, Signature Swim and Dockside programs. These programs are designed for individuals interested in learning more about dolphins in a safe, natural seawater environment.

In addition to interacting with dolphins, each visitor will participate in an educational briefing about dolphin's natural history. You will learn about topics such as dolphin anatomy, social behavior, reproductive biology, echolocation, conservation, and what to expect during the encounter. This is followed by a sensational hands on interactive encounter with our dolphins that you will remember for a lifetime!

Read our Swim With Dolphins Guide to find out what it's like!

Signature Swim

In our newest program you will get an educational briefing, a get to know you session in shallow water, and swim in deep water.

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Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter

Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter is a waist deep dolphin interaction program that gives you a chance to meet our dolphins up close and personal, while standing comfortably in waist deep water.

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Trainer For A Day

Shadow a trainer for a day at Dolphins Plus! This program combines dolphin interactions with a behind the scenes look into marine mammal care and training. Please join us for this unique and exciting educational opportunity!

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Meet A Dolphin

Have you always dreamed of being meeting a dolphin? Dolphins Plus Bayside offers a program to make your dreams a reality!

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Paint With Dolphins

Our Paint with the Dolphins program will bring out the artist in you. You assist our dolphins in their latest painting creation!

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Dolphin Dockside

Enjoy our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins up close! From a floating platform, you’ll experience behaviors like kisses, rubs, and handshakes.

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Summer Camp 2023

Our Dolphin Kids Summer Camp is a new, weeklong marine science camp for kids ages 6 -10, hosted at our beautiful Bayside facility.

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Premier Family Encounter

The Premier Family Dolphin Encounter offers an intimate and up-close experience directly with our dolphins for an exhilarating and unforgettable lifelong memory. In addition, we offer one of the most exceptional marine mammal educational experiences available to people of all ages.

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Oma's Dolphin Program

If you or someone you love is battling cancer, we would like to arrange a special experience with our family of dolphins for you.

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New Touch Tank

The Florida Keys Marine Invertebrate Experience at Dolphins Plus is designed to be offered as an additional experience to one of our dolphin interactions or as a stand-alone experience.

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Behind the Scenes

From diet preparation to vitamins and nutritional supplements, participants will get a sneak peek at how our marine mammal specialists care for our dolphin family.

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