Research and Education

Dolphins Plus takes pride in our top-notch research and educational programs.  We offer a variety of research and animal care internships, focusing on hands-on training, innovative techniques and cutting-edge research.  We are always searching for new ways to learn more about our marine mammal friends. In this way, we can ensure that our dolphins, and dolphins out in the wild, thrive and live happy, healthy lives.

Animal Care Internship

Dolphins Plus offers unique opportunities for undergraduate, graduate students, and recent college graduates, interested in obtaining practical experience in the marine mammal training field. Working…

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Veterinary Internship

Dolphins Plus offers the opportunity for pre-veterinary and veterinary students to participate in a fast-paced, exciting, aquatic internship. Participants will work directly with the veterinary staff…

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Independent Research

We are constantly expanding the scale and breadth of our research to include advanced technologies and studies that focus on the development of innovative strategies to address marine mammal threats…

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