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Exclusive Family Encounter Pricing

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per swimmer

The Exclusive Family Dolphin Experience provides you and your family the private use of the facility for a full morning session, hosted at our beautiful bayside facility in the Florida Keys. Family members will learn all about the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that reside at Dolphins Plus Bayside, Inc. in a private briefing with trainers who know them best. The fun doesn’t stop there, however.

In addition, your family will take a short tour of the fish kitchen and interact with multiple dolphins in various lagoons during the deluxe program session at Bayside.

Are there different ages and swimming abilities among your group? Not a problem. Our Exclusive Family Experience is tailored to your individual family member needs with different dolphin encounter opportunities. The deluxe session is a hybrid encounter of the Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter and Signature Swim.

Signature Swim

In our Signature Swim program following an educational briefing, you will start off by getting to know your dolphins while standing comfortably in one of our shallow water areas. We will then have you swim off into the deeper water with them for a few of the fast-paced high energy behaviors such as foot pushes or dorsal tows, maybe a pole jump. Your program will then conclude back in that shallow area for some up-close intimate behaviors with your dolphins such as body rubs and belly rubs.

Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter

The Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter is a waist deep dolphin interaction program. The program allows you to meet our dolphins up close and personal, while standing comfortably in shallow water. This program is Fun and Easy! Our dolphins will come to you for interactive behaviors like body rubs, handshakes or hand kisses. Hands down, one of the Florida Keys favorites.

This is the ultimate up close adventure with dolphins and provides a fantastic opportunity to make a personal connection with our marine animals. Due to the intimate nature of the Premier package and need for adequate time with the dolphins, the experience is best for a group with four to eight participants.

Here’s what's included:

  • Short tour of the fish kitchen
  • Private briefing
  • Multi animal experience potentially in more than one lagoon/deluxe session
  • Choice of a D+ beach towel or rash guard, along with a reusable D+ tote bag
  • One custom painting per group done live with one guest participating. Additional painting opportunities available for $80/pp.
  • Digital Photo Package

Pricing: $475 per guest (minimum of 4, maximum of 8)

* This is an exclusive rate for families, and availability is limited and seasonal. Spectators are welcome to participate at a special rate and observe their family during their dolphin encounters.

Additional Information for the Family


What to Bring:

Many of the Premier package activities are hosted outside. So, it is important to consider the weather when preparing for your dolphin encounter. Please make sure you have the proper attire for outdoor activities and ample sunscreen. All family members will want to bring:

  • a towel
  • mineral-based sunscreen
  • a hat
  • sunglasses
  • bathing suit

Ready for a bucket list dolphin experience your family will never forget?

Call our reservations department at 305-451-4060 to inquire about reserving your family’s spot in this Premier program. Or you can email us with questions at info@dolphinsplus.com