Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder

We love our dolphins. We love marine mammals in the wild. We refuse to sit on the sidelines when our friends are in danger. That's why Dolphins Plus proudly supports Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder, a not for profit and 501(c)3 facility, dedicated to the rescue of any sick or injured whale or dolphin in the 10,000 square miles of marine habitat in the Florida Keys. 

Our Mission

Protecting marine mammals and their habitats through conservation, research, and education.

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It could be a mass stranding. It might be a whale or dolphin tangled in fishing line. Often, it’s injured or orphaned manatees that are the docile victims of reckless or unaware boaters.

Our unit is comprised of skilled veterinarians and highly trained marine mammal experts who have saved HUNDREDS of dolphins, whales and manatees. We are the first responders that the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission contact and count on when emergencies arise.

We are committed to preserving the lives of the marine mammals we care so deeply about. But we can’t do it alone. The Marine Mammal Responder Unit is funded entirely by the programs at DPMMR and the donations of people, like you, who care.

If you are in a position to help us, please donate. Anything you can give will make a big difference and 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes continuing the great work of the Marine Mammal Responder Unit. We’re immensely proud of the difference we make for our ocean friends, and we invite you to share that feeling with a donation to the Marine Mammal Responder Unit. Thanks for your support.

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The Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder Vision
Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder is committed to the conservation and protection of marine mammals worldwide through our active involvement in conservation, research, extensive education and outreach programs. DPMMR leads and operates the local marine mammal stranding organization covering 10,000 square miles of marine habitat, and powerful, daily interactions with the general public. DPMMR promotes a greater understanding of marine ecosystem science, marine mammal conservation, and environmental stewardship.

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