March 2021 Update From Dolphins Plus

At Dolphins Plus Bayside, Inc. we are continuing to provide a healthy and safe environment for our dolphins, guests, and our team.  To help reduce the risk/spread of COVID -19 we are following the safety protocols as recommended by the CDC.  Here are some of the protocols we are putting in place at Dolphins Plus. 

  • We disinfect all high contact areas in between each scheduled program and again at the end of each day.
  • We are following social distancing guidelines, maintaining physical distancing as required by the CDC.
  • All guests, staff and interns are required to wear a mask while on property both inside and outside. No exceptions.
  • We are screening our team members daily to help ensure they are safe and healthy.
  • We are minimizing hand to hand interactions at the point of sales by accepting contactless payment methods and encouraging online purchases and can provide curbside delivery upon request.
  • We are using a digital wavier system to allow guests to sign their waivers on their own personal devices.
  • We have an outside kiosk for guest check-in, to prevent too many people from congregating in the gift shop/reservations area.
  • We have hand sanitizer stations located on property.  All staff and guests will be encouraged to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently while at Dolphins Plus.
  • Once checked in, guests will wait in an outside designated waiting area, 6 feet apart from other guests.
  • Restrooms are limited to two people at a time to promote social distancing.
  • All families will be spaced at least 6 feet apart in the educational briefing, which will be conducted outside underneath a briefing hut. 
  • All guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer just prior to entering the water with the dolphins.
  • We have reduced our maximum numbers to allow for social distancing.
  • Masks are required for any dockside program including but not limited to the Dolphin Dockside, Dockside Plus, Meet a Dolphin and all Dolphin Paint add-ons.
  • The dolphin kiss behavior is not allowed as our veterinary team is trying to keep the dolphins as safe as possible. We have replaced the behavior with a hand kiss.
  • Only 4 persons or one family are permitted inside the gift shop at one time.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and wish everyone good health and safety during these trying times.

Thank you,

DP Management



In-Water Dolphin Encounters in Key Largo

Dorsal Tow

Signature Swim

In our newest program you will get an educational briefing, a get to know you session in shallow water, and swim in deep water.

Shallow Water Encounter

Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter

This waist deep dolphin interaction program lets you meet our dolphins up close and personal, while standing comfortably in waist deep water. It’s perfect for kids and non-swimmers.

Dockside Dolphin Encounters at Dolphins Plus

Signature Swim
Shallow Water Encounter
Dolphin Dockside
Painting with a Dolphin

“Wanted to visit here long before I got a chance. My experience was one that I will never forget. If I were to live this life over again, I would work there. This is not your typical dolphin tourist attraction, by far. Read up, learn about this wonderful place and you may fall in love also.”


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What’s It Like Swimming With Dolphins?

Swimming with dolphins is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a big deal, so no wonder, people have lots of questions about it. Some of these questions may have held you back from taking the plunge and swimming with these majestic creatures. We’d like to answer those questions, so you don’t miss your chance to swim with dolphins.

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding swimming with dolphins include:

  • What is it like to swim with dolphins?
  • What should I expect from your swimming programs?
  • How long is your program, and how long will I be in the water?

Let’s dive into the experience and find out all about it.

Man and woman swimming in the water with two dolphins