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How Oma's Dolphin Program Changes Cancer Patients' Lives

October 04, 2022 / dolphins,

Breast cancer is a physically and emotionally devastating disease. It's the most common form of cancer among women in the United States, with nearly 290,000 expected to be diagnosed in 2022 alone. Patients endure a variety of painful or stress-inducing..

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Dolphins and Hurricanes: Disaster Planning for Animal Facilities

September 27, 2022 / marine mammals,

Hurricanes' human toll may be horrific, but their devastation goes far beyond the suffering communities we so frequently see on our TV screens. Many other animals are impacted, including all kinds of aquatic creatures. Dolphins, for example, can suffer..

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Are Dolphins Mammals? These Are 5 Important Facts You Need to Know

February 06, 2018 / marine mammals,

Although dolphins swim in water and appear to be "fish-like" compared to other animals living in the ocean, they are classified as cetaceans (marine mammals) and not fish. Evolving sometime around theEocene Epoch, cetaceans such as dolphins and whales..

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