Two of our dolphins are playing with paint and expressing themselves in a brand new way. L.B., our alpha-male dolphin, is very passionate about his new creations. He takes great care in creating the perfect shape and style with each brush stroke. Samantha approaches her painting with flare, often spinning around in circles between each stroke. Everyone at Dolphins Plus is buzzing about the new artwork, which is currently available in our gift shop.

Little Bit, or L.B, paints with great intensity. While holding the brush sideways in his mouth, he varies his strokes from broad slashes to carefully crafted circles. He often backs away from his painting mid-stroke to assess his work before continuing on in his creation. L.B. has taken to painting with excitement and intensity, and it is currently his favorite activity. When he sees his trainer approaching with paints and paint board in-hand, he whistles excitedly in anticipation. According to his longtime trainer, Holli, “L.B. is very proud of his work and appears to enjoy this unique special activity.”Samantha’s first painting resembled a ballerina, with light, fluid strokes dancing across the page. Unlike L.B., Samantha holds the brush in the front of her mouth when making her strokes. This seems to render greater control over each colorful swatch. Samantha exhibits her delight while painting by dancing in circles between brush strokes. She is often seen following her trainer off the platform so that she can get one last look at her beautiful piece of artwork.

Samantha and L.B. may have started something big here at Dolphins Plus. Painting has become a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both the dolphins and the trainers. We think this might be a sign of great things to come and foresee a very colorful future for these and other budding dolphin Picassos!

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