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Why Visiting Marine Education Centers with Students Matters

May 24, 2023 / dolphins,

It’s one thing to understand that ocean literacy is important, but quite another to discover the magic of the ocean through experiential learning. Marine education centers offer students and families an incredible opportunity to interact with marine life and experience underwater environments firsthand. 

While marine science professionals all over the world are working hard to protect the world’s oceans, they can’t do it alone. The future of the world’s underwater ecosystems depends on a well-informed, engaged public and the choices they make each day.  

At Dolphin’s Plus, we’re dedicated to introducing a whole new generation to the wonders of marine science. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or student, we’ll fill you in on why marine education centers are important and point you toward plenty of excellent resources for promoting ocean literacy.

What are Marine Education Centers? 

Marine education centers are organizations that are dedicated to promoting public ocean literacy and environmental education in a fun and interactive way. They may include outdoor classrooms, exhibition areas, laboratories, or even programs that invite volunteers to engage in active conservation efforts.

 At Dolphin’s Plus, we offer a variety of exciting opportunities for school groups at our beautiful Key Largo educational facility. Our programs range from just a couple of hours to multi-day experiences for students ages 7 and up.

Our education coordinator will work with you to design a custom program for your group that includes a variety of experiential learning options, such as: 

  • Hands-on classroom activities 
  • Games 
  • Labs 
  • Snorkeling and kayaking field trips 
  • Swimming with our dolphins in their natural environment  

Throughout your visit, your students will learn all about marine mammals, their behavior, anatomy, intelligence, communication, and more. We’ll also introduce you to the importance of conservation and various ways to help protect the world’s oceans.   

Dolphins Plus offers so much more than the traditional field trip with virtual field trips, summer camps, trainer for a day programs, educational field trips, and more! Older students and professionals  who are interested in marine science careers are encouraged to explore our animal care internships and veterinary internships

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Benefits of Visiting Marine Education Centers for Students and Families

Did you know that oceans make up 70% of our planet? Marine education centers offer families and students of all ages an unforgettable introduction to the creatures and ecosystems that exist beneath the waves.

At Dolphins Plus Bayside, we offer visitors the chance to not only learn about marine mammals but to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat. We’ve discovered that there’s no better way to pass along our love of these beautiful creatures than to give visitors the chance to join them for a swim, give them a kiss from a floating platform, or even collaborate with them on a painting

Marine education centers have a way of making ocean literacy come alive by transforming marine science into an experience instead of just a concept. Rather than reading about the many amazing creatures and ecosystems that exist beneath the waves, guests are invited to make lifelong memories as they embark on a journey of experiential learning.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit to a Marine Education Center 

Before setting out for a field trip or family visit to your local marine educational center, be sure to ask if they have any tips or resources you can use to give students or kids an idea of what to expect. If younger children are participating, you’ll also want to enlist the help of plenty of chaperones and have a discussion with your students about the importance of staying with the group.

 Dolphins Plus will work with your coordinator beforehand to help design the perfect curriculum for your group. Once you have an idea of what to expect, it can also be helpful to have follow-up lesson plans in place to keep your students engaged after your visit. Check with the Dolphins Plus Education Coordinator to assist with before and after your visit ideas. You can also visit our School Group page for more information.

Dolphins Plus Bayside: Inspiring Marine Education and Conservation

Marine education centers around the world are dedicated to preserving the world’s oceans through both direct conservation efforts and public education. Organizations like Dolphins Plus Bayside offer experiential learning opportunities that we hope will inspire visitors of all ages to do their part to ensure a more sustainable future.  

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to emphasize the importance of protecting marine mammals and ecosystems. But our resident dolphins have a magical way of reaching visitors in a way that sparks a lifelong love of the ocean and all its residents. 

We highly encourage families and educators everywhere to share such experiences with the next generation through visits to your local marine education centers! Supporting the ocean literacy and environmental education efforts of your local marine science centers is a fun way to offer students an unforgettable introduction to marine science and conservation.  

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